Quellwasserwerk Sonnenberg of ewl energie wasser luzern

The first water treatment plant in Switzerland using PWNT’s CeraMac® system was officially opened on the 19th of October 2018.

The plant, to be known as Quellwasserwerk Sonnenberg, was commissioned by Swiss water utility ewl energie wasser luzern, a utility provider in the city of Lucerne (Switzerland) that supplies electricity, natural gas, heat, water and telecommunication.

Designed by H2U, the fully-automated plant was constructed by KG as the principal contractor.

Improved productivity

Raw mountain spring water flows by gravity through three C-37 CeraMac® vessels to treat up to 30 million litres of high quality drinking water per day, without the use of coagulant.

Each C-37 vessel has 37 ceramic membranes, supplied by Japanese company METAWATER, with very fine pores of 0.1 microns to clean water while maintaining its minerals.

The plant is one of the first full scale drinking water plants to use ozone combined with ceramic membranes, to provide improved productivity and enhanced total disinfection.

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