Vision 2020: selective growth to the top.

In 2020 PWN Technologies will have headquarters on three continents: Europe (Andijk), Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and North America with a staff of 100-150 people. PWN Technologies will have a leading position, not in turnover, but as an undisputed leader in water treatment knowledge. Thus said CEO Jonathan Clement about the vision 2020 of PWN Technologies.

By 2020 PWN Technologies will be the world leading company in water treatment systems based on ion exchange and ceramic membranes. It possesses the highest possible expertise and offers the most efficient and sustainable water treatment system of the highest quality.

Jonathan Clement: “In coming years, market conditions will change dramatically. In three to six years time the market will see an increase of suppliers of ceramic membranes. This development will stimulate innovation as well as competition and will result in lower prices.”

“PWN Technologies will invest in experts and expertise over the next couple of years. R&D will be even more important. We will have to display ourselves as the leading company in water treatment technology, by expressing that on platforms, fora and congresses.”

“To secure a strong market position for new acquisitions we will co-operate with reliable customers with a good reputation. Good examples are PUB and South West Water. Whilst working on projects we will co-operate with carefully chosen local partners with an excellent track record.”

“The branding strategy ”Dare to be different” will be continued in future years, constantly looking at improving our communication activities and channels. In the next few years PWN Technologies will be developing its own corporate culture.”