Our R&D team is continuously looking for better and sustainable water treatment solutions and works in close partnerships with recognized institutions and universities worldwide. The R&D Center is one of the biggest water treatment R&D Centers in the world.

Inspiring Clients

Holly Shorney-Darby, process engineer, serves as a liason between PWNT’ Research group and the clients at other utilities.

“The whole world, in terms of the drinking water industry, is interested in what’s happening here in Andijk because they are all facing similar problems. PWN and PWNT have worked to advance and implement existing technologies. Our relations find it unique and inspiring that a utility can take this on.”

Erik Koreman

Erik Koreman is senior technological researcher and responsible for a variety of experiments at the R&D Lab, ranging from classical tot the most innovative water treatment techniques.

One of the main projects is to modelize the SIX® process, by looking at the kinetics of the resin, with respect to DOC and nitrate removal. These models are essential to scale up.

Elisabeth Vaudevire

Elisabeth Vaudevire is technological researcher in PWNT’ Research and Development team. Elisabeth examines ways to further minimize waste streams and the treatment of ion exchange brine with dynamic vapour recompression.

At the Singapore International Water Week 2012, she was awarded the first prize in the competition for the best poster presentation.

Fouling Control

As a scientist at PWNT’ Research & Development department, Jumeng Zheng specializes in fouling control, in particular for the CeraMac® membrane filtration process.

In Andijk, The Netherlands, but also abroad the results are promising. Over the past years, a highly stable process was achieved. So everyone’s excited to see it work in full scale.

R&D Center: one of the largest worldwide

The new R&D Center of PWNT is one of the largest worldwide. Recently it nearly doubled in size. With 1000m2 and 350m2 office space, it offers the extra space that was needed, since the R&D program for the coming years is fully booked. In 2013, after finalizing the extension, additional pilots were built within the facilities.

Over the years PWNT’ R&D center turned out to be a cradle of innovations. All of these have been implemented worldwide, such as the large scale UF, advanced oxidation with UV/H2O2 and more recently: SIX® and CeraMac®. The extended center was opened at the showcase in May 2014.