PWN Technologies wins Global Grand Honour Award.

PWNT Technologies has won the Global Grand Honour Awards for the IWA’s Global Project Innovation Awards 2012 for its innovations at demo-plant Andijk III. The award was presented at the IWA’s Global Project Innovation Awards’ Ceremony and Dinner on 19 September 2012 in Busan, South Korea. Earlier this year PWN Technologies already won IWA’s Europe and West Asia Project Innovation Award.

Winning the Global Honour Award under the Applied Research category further validates PWN Technologies’ efforts in providing innovative and sustainable solutions able to alleviate water shortages worldwide, with winners possessing “Research of an applied nature that advances the state of the art in water/wastewater engineering, including research leading to new improved water/wastewater engineering equipment.” (Source: IWA)

The Andijk III demo-plant received high scores based on the judging criteria of Innovation, Future value to the water engineering profession and Sustainability.

The Andijk III demo-plant, which has been operational since 2011 with a capacity of 50 m3/h, is a pretreatment installation for the production of drinking water, integrating two technologies PWN Technologies developed based on suspended ion exchange (SIX®) and ceramic membranes (CeraMac®).

20120925bThe application of SIX® and CeraMac® has exceeded expectations in higher water quality, lower energy consumption and a lower environmental burden with reductions in operating costs. These innovative technologies will be optimally implemented in the world’s first full-scale SIX® and CeraMac® water treatment plant at Andijk, commissioned by water supply company PWN, which will be completed by the end of 2013.

Says Mr. Pieter Spohr, CEO of PWN Technologies: “We are humbled by the global recognition represented by this award, giving more encouragement to PWN Technologies to further our mission of being an innovation engine for advanced and sustainable water treatment. Receiving it in an Asian city also reinforces our commitment to bringing our innovations to this part of the world to meet increasing water needs.”