PWN Technologies will conduct a pilot study for the Manitowoc Public Utilities

The Manitowoc Public Utilities’ (MPU) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) treats surface water from Lake Michigan, and sometimes supplements this supply with groundwater. MPU has expressed interest in evaluating ceramic membranes for treating this source.

PWN Technologies will conduct a one year pilot testing study to evaluate the performance of ceramic membranes. This unit includes equipment for pre-coagulation and a ceramic microfilter with a single, 269 sqft (25 m2) membrane module.

PWN Technologies will provide the pilot equipment and staffing of pilot plant operation.  Data review and analysis will be conducted by R&D staff of PWN Technologies in close cooperation with MPU staff as testing progresses, and PWN Technologies will make recommendations for each planned test.  It is planned that the initial pilot program will include four weeks of start-up and commissioning followed by twelve months of pilot testing. Both alum and polyaluminum chloride coagulants will be evaluated.