PWN Technologies: Singapore office to be regional HQ for Asia and Pacific

The Singapore office of PWN Technologies is to be transformed into the regional HQ for the Asia Pacific region. Thus said PWN Technologies’ CEO Pieter Spohr at the fourth annual network and dinner event of PWN Technologies at the historic Waterboat House on their traditional Sunday night, as part of the SIWW 2012. This decision means that Singapore office will become more or less equally important to PWN Technologies as its home base: The Netherlands.

gwcMr Spohr emphasised that the Asian and Pacific region is of great economic importance. A booming region where economy is growing, unlike the European region. Its also a region where the solutions of PWN Technologies can make a difference.

We will soon change this local company into our regional headquarters for Asia, Australia and the Pacific, said Mr. Spohr. “There is more to it than a just new nameplate on the office door. It means that Singapore will be our hub to the Asia and the Pacific region. It means that we will be conducting many of our client driven innovation programmes here in Singapore.”

Mr. Spohr: “An important aspect in that decision is the favourable innovation climate in Singapore. This is in line with our intentions to cooperate research and projects with PUB. Singapore can be the place where research will be validated, before our solutions are ready to be introduced to the Asian and Pacific market. It also means an increase in design, engineering and project management staff in our premises in Singapore. It means that Singapore and The Netherlands will be more or less equally important; Singapore in Asia Pacific and The Netherlands for Europe.”


The Asian market is rapidly becoming more important. Collaboration with R&D centres like Singapore Membrane Technology Centre at Nanyang Technical University in membrane technology opens new opportunities to develop technologies into solutions for the regional market. To enhance these developments, PWN Technologies is planning to invest millions in R&D and innovation together with local authorities.