Presentation at WQTC: Highlights of PWN Technologies new Ceramic Membrane Block Design.

20091202During AWWA’s Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC), Jonathan Clement, Global Water Technology Leader for Black & Veatch, gave a presentation that covered advancements in ceramic membranes. The presentation focussed on the pilot work that was conducted in Singapore.

In the pilot plant study, ozone was applied directly onto the ceramic membranes, which showed that application ozone significantly reduces the fouling of the membrane. This was reported to be a major advantage over polymeric membranes which can not tolerate strong oxidants such as ozone. The test scenario was for water reuse and the water tested was secondary effluent from a wastewater plant.

Clement concluded his presentation by showing the highlights of PWN Technologies new ceramic block design. He mentioned the large costs saving that the new design offered by being much more compact and more efficient with backwashing.

 After Clement’s presentation there were many questions from the full room of attendees especially regarding the new block design from PWN Technologies.