In November 2014, PWNT, in partnership with METAWATER and MPU, started a one-year pilot study of ceramic membranes directly on the water from Lake Michigan. This unit includes equipment for pre-coagulation and a ceramic micro filter with a single, full-scale 269 sqft (25 m2) membrane module. Because of its sustainability, small footprint and effectiveness, MPU has expressed interest in evaluating ceramic membranes for treating this source because the main operational challenges for the current plant have been associated with maintaining the design plant capacity over time.
The key pilot results are:

  • Very stable operation (cleaning only every >10 months) at an operational flux of 175 lmh
  • CeraMac® works extremely well in combination with pre-coagulation for Lake Michigan water
  • No ozone cleaning treatment necessary – standard cleaning chemicals work well

Find the poster with the evaluation results here. MPU is currently evaluating treatment options.