Global Projects

The efficient and sustainable water treatment technologies of PWNT are discovered more and more globally by water utilities. They recognize that the advanced water treatment systems developed by PWNT, such as SIX® (PWNT’s suspended ion exchange process), CeraMac® (PWNT’s innovative and cost effective/competitive ceramic membrane filtration process) and ILCA® (PWNT’s inline coagulation adsorption process) can help solve their water quality challenges and meet their goals. PWNT creates this confidence by operating pilot installations at water utilities, where the technologies are intensively studied in the real environment with changing water qualities and test conditions. Our performance has led to four large-scale (from 30 to 180 Mld) projects and more than 12 pilots globally.

Andijk III – PWN, The Netherlands

Andijk III - PWN, The NetherlandsThe Andijk III plant in the Netherlands is based on PWNT’s SIX® (Suspended Ion Exchange) and CeraMac® (ceramic membrane filtration process). It produces water of a better quality with lower…
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